240pcs 1100L Plastic Waste Container Finished Production For Australia Client

2019-03-23 568

240pcs 1100L plastic waste container finished production for Australia client

 Barrel body performance meets the standard EN840-5, wall thickness reaches more than 7 mm.

◆ Tire is made of high quality natural rubber material, good plastic material inside wheel box, galvanized steel

skeleton, the bearing capacity about 150 kg, each round mobile wheel adopts the patent technology, fixed

belt brake locking function, not easily stolen.

◆ Our original skirt edge reinforcement design, increase the mechanical strength, prolong service life of the


◆ Appearance of performance: Surface smooth, no bubbles, impurities, trachoma, cracks, easy cleaning; Heat,

cold, and chemical corrosion, impact resistance, anti-aging, strong and durable.

◆Parts easily installation, cooperate with precision, lid sealed well, universal wheel with barrel body, rolling


◆ High suitability with compactor truck, meet national standard.