New Type Plastic Waste Bin

2019-03-20 1943

New type 120L, 240L waste bin , if you have any pending inquiry need please contact us.

the body performance totally meet the standard of EN840-5, thickness is 4mm.

◆The wheel is made of high quality natural rubber material, good plastic material inside wheel box, galvanized
steel skeleton,the wheel adopts fixed technology, not easily stolen.

◆ wheel and axle use solid medium carbon steel,Galvanized surface treatment makes it durable.

◆ Our original skirt edge reinforcement design, increase the mechanical strength, prolong service life of the

◆ our original wear nail design in the bottom of the bin, five wear nails at the bottom,prolong the service life of
the product.

◆ Appearance of performance:Surface smooth, no bubbles, impurities, trachoma, cracks, easy cleaning; Heat,
cold, and chemical corrosion, impact resistance, anti-aging, strong and durable。

◆ Parts easily installation, cooperate with precision, lid sealed well,the wheel is very flexible.

◆ corrosion resistance,with enough mechanical strength and good impact toughness.

◆ High suitability with compactor truck, meet national standard.