240L HDPE Plastic Dustbin with wheels outdoor

2019-03-20 7

ENLIGHTENING PALLET is an experienced 240l plastic dustbin supplier among those world famous 240l plastic dustbin manufacturers, who can offer you hot sale and cheap 240l plastic

dustbin wholesale service. Welcome to order our products at low price with our factory.


◆the body performance totally meet the standard of EN840-5, thickness is 4mm.

◆The wheel is made of high quality natural rubber material, good plastic material inside wheel box, galvanized steel skeleton,the wheel adopts fixed technology, not easily stolen.

◆ wheel and axle use solid medium carbon steel,Galvanized surface treatment makes it durable.

◆ Our original skirt edge reinforcement design, increase the mechanical strength, prolong service life of the products.

◆ our original wear nail design in the bottom of the bin, five wear nails at the bottom,prolong the service life of the product.

◆ Appearance of performance:Surface smooth, no bubbles, impurities, trachoma, cracks, easy cleaning; Heat, cold, and chemical corrosion, impact resistance, anti-aging, strong and durable。

◆ Parts easily installation, cooperate with precision, lid sealed well,the wheel is very flexible.

◆ corrosion resistance,with enough mechanical strength and good impact toughness.

◆ High suitability with compactor truck, meet national standard.

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